At PLD we specialize in designing and building quality post-frame buildings or more commonly known as pole barns. Our process starts with our customer by building a relationship with each one. We then work with each customer by helping to design a building that will provide a solution to meet his/her needs. We back up all our work with a wide range of warranties including a one year workmanship warranty that will cover from the inside to outside of every building. Our buildings start with quality material and end with a high quality, low maintenance building for the customer to enjoy for many years.

Advantages of Post-Frame

What is Post-Frame? Post-frame building is a technique that was developed in the 1930’s and has now become the top method for many building projects today that meets Uniform Building Code (UBC). It all starts with pressure-treated wood posts or laminated columns rather than wood studs used in traditional building techniques. These posts transfer loads to the ground or concrete pier and paired with the interlocking frame allows the building to handle greater loads than the traditional technique. These posts can then bear the load of the trusses alone so there are less load bearing walls in the building which allow for easier design and completion of the interior of post-frame buildings. Also the post-frames create a larger wall cavity because the posts are spaced farther apart than traditional wood studs thus allowing for more space for insulation which aid in the heating and cooling of these buildings.

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